5 DIY SPA treatments that will help you survive December

5 DIY SPA treatments that will help you survive December

It is this time of the year when everyone is dreaming of a white Christmas and things glow everywhere you go. We could pretend and say that everything is hunky dory, but let’s be honest. If your usual to do list requires 36 hours per day, you now need 72. As an extra bonus you are exhausted. Not the “I-just-ran-a-marathon” exhaustion; no this fatigue, is something different. It penetrates your soul and comes from a year of juggling school runs and work “stuff”, grocery shopping, laundry….and the fact that you every day for the last weeks have had to sign at least 3 forms to make sure your children are immunized, will be fed at school next term and authorized to be reindeers at the nativity play. That you have to bake cookies for the cake sale on Friday does not improve the situation.

To help you during these blissful weeks we have put together 5 simple things you can do to keep it together until Boxing Day.

1. Homemade body scrub

Use whatever oil you’ve got at home, olive, sunflower, coconut – they all work. Blend 1 dl of the oil with 0,5 dl of sugar and scrub away. Your skin will feel amazing after wards.

2. DIY Pedicure

Soak your feet in warm water. Add an essential oil, rosemary, juniper berry or clove. Buff away the bumps, trim your toenails and massage your feet with a good moisturiser. Paint your toe nails, or not. It is up to you.

3. Face massage

A couple drops of whatever oil you’ve got in your kitchen and massage your face. If you want to add an essential oil to boost your spirits – do. (Lavender, black pepper and lemon grass are some of my favorites right now) Massage for 2 min or 20 minutes, its up to you. You will feel better afterwards.

4. Bubble bath

Take a bath, put on some music, listen to a podcast (Lena Dunham’s Women of the Hour is amazing) or read a magazine.

5. Delegation and Sleep

Go to sleep – let someone else do the dishes and put the kids to bed.