What’s happening in our Product Development Department?

What’s happening in our Product Development Department?

World-class product development and skin care formulation make up the very core of NINNI. We are always working on new skin care products or tweaking existing formulations to provide you with the best personalised skin care possible, and we want to include you, our readers and customers, in our product development process by keeping you up to date on our progress and learning your ideas and opinions about what you want in a personalized skin care product line.

We will always be transparent and tell you about our success stories as well as our ongoing challenges and other issues that arise in our journey to continue to bring you our unique and effective skin care products. Why do we do this? Because we want you to take this journey with us; we want to hear your thoughts and ideas every step of the way and we want you to be the first to know about our breakthrough formulations and new products, long before the rest of the world hears about them. How fun is that?

So what is happening then? Well, a couple new and exciting things. First, we are focusing on expanding the selections options for our face cream. Our first formulation is now undergoing stability testing, which is required by law and takes 3 months to complete. (What is stability testing you ask? Look for my January blogpost where I’ll explain all about it.) The new formulation contains peach kernel oil which gives your skin a velvety feel and overall we are on track with testing and very happy with the formulation. So the bottom line is the status is “Green”.

Second, we have received very good feedback on our sample formulations for face oils. Many of you have asked when you can buy them so we are prioritising this and advancing the release date of our first shipments which were initially planned for later in 2016. This project is slightly delayed this month however, due to one of my girls having scarlet fever now and me being the only parent in the country throughout December. However, we are not too worried since we plan to catch up by next week, so in project management terms we are status “Yellow”, but improving.

We are also looking at different formulations for face cleansers to add to our product line. We are still in the brainstorming phase, so please share your ideas about what you love (or don’t love!) in your face cleansers. You can let us know on our Facebook page or email us at info@ninni.co.uk on what your preferences are.


(I was a project manager in a previous life; can you tell?)