Your skin and pollution

Your skin and pollution

When you personalize your skin care you need to think about the environment you live in. Last week we talked about how temperature and air humidity affects your skin. But there are other factors to consider as well, for example your exposure to pollution. Why is this important? Well more and more research indicates that pollution affect your skin and its ageing process.

What is pollution? Pollution is a wide range of highly reactive chemicals and particles that are caused by combustion. Many of these particles penetrate the skin and ruin collagen, lipids and other important substances in your skin, which leads to premature ageing.

One study on Chinese women showed that women living in urban areas had 10% more signs of premature ageing than their rural sisters. Other studies suggest that pollution leads to increased wrinkles and age spots.

So what to do if you live in a large city? Well, you could move to a remote rural area. But if you prefer the thrill of a big city and Starbucks around the corner (I do), you need to look antioxidants. Antioxidants are substances that protect your skin against pollution. Simply put, antioxidants absorb the highly reactive pollution particles, neutralize them and prevent them from damaging your skin. There are vast spectrum of antioxidants, many occurring naturally such as vitamin C, vitamin E and q10.

So when you personalize your face cream have a look at our active blend “My Day” which is contains a mix of antioxidants and is formulated to suit the needs of people living in urban areas.