How to store natural skin care products correctly

How to store natural skin care products correctly

A customer once said to me – packaging is everything. I will only buy personalised skin care, if it looks good in my bathroom. (Luckily our moisturizer did). She wasn’t unique – we all more or less judge the product by its cover.

How would you feel about a natural skin care brand using an aluminum industrial jar? Or how would you compare a moisturiser stored in a thick, heavy glass jar with one kept in a neon orange plastic tube? Would you think they are of the same quality? Probably not.

However there is much more to packaging than what the eye can see. It has a significant impact on your skin care’s potency and shelf life. So what should you look for?

Any product, (especially natural skin care) will react with oxygen in the air (oxidation). This ruins the active ingredients and natural oils. The more oxidation the less potent the skin care product is. So how do you minimize oxidation? Look for packaging with a minimal opening that is exposed to air, for example a bottle with a pump or a tube.

Secondly, you want to reduce the risk of bacteria and other nasties getting in to your moisturiser. The main source of bacteria is your fingers. Every time you dip your fingers in your product you add bacteria (it’s unavoidable). Therefore don’t be fooled by the luxurious glass jar, it might look pretty, but it doesn’t protect your product very well. A bottle with pump or tube is a better alternative also from this perspective.

So for me a bottle with pump was a obvious choice when I decided on the packaging for our moisturisers.

Also, how do you store your skin care? Heat and light can damage your products, (natural skin care is especially sensitive to this). A good idea is to store them in a cool and dark place. If it’s very hot outside, even store you products in the fridge. (Something to keep in mind this summer)

Next time you choose a product, look for something that pleases the eye and protects the content.