How I created My Night

Summer is well on it’s way and for us it’s been a fantastic one. We’re getting positive feedback on our natural skin care products from happy customers and bloggers. I’m also proud that “My Night” was part of Glossybox Sweden’s June box. Since My Night is in the spotlight at the moment I would like to share how it was created and my thinking behind it.

I made the first skin care prototypes in 2013. I ordered 50+ different natural oils that I tried in various combinations. Initially it was mainly to get to know the oils and see how they behaved in different formulations, which textures the different blends had and how it felt on the skin. In this way I created a knowledge bank I now use to guide customers when creating their personalised skin care.

My goal was to create a blend of active ingredients that was rejuvenating and hydrating. I already had a good idea of which ingredients I wanted: hyaluronic acid and vitamin A were both a must. Hyaluronic acid is the number one hydrator and vitamin A is one of the most efficient substances for younger looking skin. I also wanted a cell-communicating ingredient. After some investigation I decided to work with lupine peptides, which is known to prevent the breakdown of collagen and elastin. Finally, I needed some antioxidants, which protects the skin from free radicals and pollution. I chose vitamin E and q10; both natural and efficient antioxidants.

Once I had the base and the active blend ready, I looked at scents. I admit, I started with synthetic fragrances. However my neighbour (who also works in the industry) put me on the right path, She told me that the synthetic blends were too harsh and that essential oils was a much better alternative. She was absolutely right, of course. I replaced the fake floral scents with beautiful comforting lavender and chamomile and refreshing rosemary and lemon, and just like that the final formulations were created.