DIY Hand SPA treatment

DIY Hand SPA treatment

How often do you pamper your hands? Most of us have a daily skin care routine for our skin, but neglect our hands. Our hands are constantly exposed to detergents, water and the surrounding air and deserves as much TLC as our face.

For example, last week I was skiing in very cold and very dry air. Since skin care is what I do I made sure to moisturize with My Day in the morning and My Night in the evening. So my face was soft and hydrated. But I completely forgot about my hands and they became a disaster – dry & dull with cracked cuticles.

So today I treated myself to a DIY hand spa. It was quick, simple and did wonders. If you’re like me and forgotten your hands here’s how you can make it up to them:

  • File and cut your nails. Trim the cuticles if needed (I always need to).
  • Soak you hands in warm water and Epsom salt for a couple of minutes.
  • Scrub your hands (thoroughly) with a mix of oil (preferably sunflower or olive oil) and sugar. A good ration is 2 parts oil and 1 part sugar. Make sure you scrub your cuticles and in between your fingers as well. Finally let your hands absorb the oil for a minute or so. Then rinse and moisturise.

Your hands will thank you.