Why does your skin get dry in cold weather?

Why does your skin get dry in cold weather?

October is almost here. I can’t wait for the crispy sunny days – long walks, comforting cups of tea & pumpkins. I’m ready for it all. The only downside with the colder weather is that my skin gets dry, especially my lips and hands.

I am aware that I’m not alone – dry skin during fall and winter is old news.

However, do you know the reason why?

In short, it’s a consequence of Mother Nature’s strive for equilibrium.

When it’s cold, your skin contains more moisture than the surrounding air. (The colder it gets the drier the air). Mother Nature likes balance and she will see that moisture leaves your skin to the air around you. In other words your skin is donating moisture to the air, and your skin becomes dry.

The opposite is true in warm weather. Hot air retains more and the air “gives” your moisture, and it feels moisturized.

(Naturally your skin reacts to the temperature as well, for example heat opens the pores. But that’s a topic for another time)

So what to do to prevent loss of moisture and dry skin?

Make sure you use a moisturiser containing natural moisturising factors (NMF), such as hyaluronic acid, glycerin and carbamide. These ingredients are like water magnets that attract moisture from the surrounding air, and pull it into your skin.

So get yourself a good moisturiser to go with your tea you’re all set to enjoy October to the fullest.