DIY spa & Netflix

DIY spa & Netflix

It’s a new year! I love New Year’s – just in 24 hours everyone goes from party princesses on a cocktail diet to detoxing, mindful yogis.

I like to take it slow the first days of the year (I’m European, in Europe no one works between the 10th of December to 15th of Jan. Clearly not the case in the US, but let’s save that for a different post). Once the resolutions are set, I start getting up earlier each morning, I return to the gym and start answering emails in between episodes of The Crown.

Every year I also do a DIY spa afternoon; an exfoliator, a facial and a long sauna to get rid of the last turkey residues. Since I’m not fully ready to leave the house (still have 5 episodes to go with Queen Elizabeth) I check the kitchen cabinet for SPA ingredients.

You can easily make the most lushes SPA products with kitchen basics. Salt, sugar & coffee grain are ideal as exfoliators. Honey, avocado and egg are miracle makers for you skin and hair. Boil some left over broccoli and save the water and you have a vitamin infusion to tone your skin. So have a look in the kitchen, I’m sure you’ll find a full Yasuragi Spa in there.

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