Oil or water? That’s the question

Oil or water? That’s the question

This week I’m developing 2 (or even 3 maybe) different cleansers for different projects. The thing I’m struggling with is foam. Luxurious rich foam is wonderful, and most people expect it from a cleanser. Many even think that the more foam the cleaner the skin.

Yes, you skin will be clean, maybe too clean even. Surfactants (such as SLS, sodium laureth sulfate), the ingredients that create the foam, also attract your skin’s natural oils and washes them away. Some surfactants stay on the skin and ruin the protective barrier. This is bad, regardless of skin type. When you wash away your skin’s natural oils, your body produces more, which leads overproduction of sebum and that in combination of irritating surfactants is a recipe for disaster (acne).

I conducted a quick poll on my Swedish Facebook page and my followers there overwhelmingly preferred a gentler oil based cleanser, rather than foam. (Which is the exact opposite of the word on the street here in Chicago). Personally I agree. Oil based cleansers remove make up easily and gently cleanses the skin. However, it’s difficult (dear I say impossible) to get a foaming oil based cleanser.

What do you non-Swedes think? Do you prefer an oil based cleanser or a foaming cleanser?

I’m working on both types at the moment, and would love your input.