My best beauty hack in February

My best beauty hack in February

My skin is always pale & dull in February, it’s like it’s aching for sun. Last week I tried every beauty hack in the book in my quest for THE GLOW despite the cold winter. I followed the expert’s advice and did daily exfoliator, a rehydrating moisturiser and a reviving face mask. I also massaged my face, drank gallons of water, ate my veggies, excised and slept. I was dedicated.

Honestly, who (during a normal week) got time for a full blown skin care routing in between brushing children’s teeth, story time & the evening email-check? I don’t, and it’s my job to try and develop skin care products. (Last week was an exception). So what’s the alternative? I think you can simplify the skin routine to a weekly deep cleansing exfoliation & sleep. That’s my beauty hack this February.

So how do you choose the right exfoliator? Well, at the end of the day it’s a matter of what you like. There are 2 main categories of exfoliators:

  • Face scrub – a cleanser with solid particles that mechanically exfoliates the skin
  • Chemical peeling – this is a cleanser with gentle acids such as AHA (alfa hydroxy acid) and BHA (beta hydroxyl acid)

Both are effective, but in different ways.

Face scrub – the instant beauty hack

I find that a face scrub is the best way to get an instant effect on the skin. Once you’ve rinsed off the product you find your skin soft and glowing. (You increase the blood flow when you massage your skin). What kind of exfoliating particles you have isn’t that important; usually you use a smaller particles for the face and larger in body scrubs. The only important thing in my book is that you use natural particles and avoid plastic micro beads (because they ruin our oceans).

Chemical peeling – the long term beauty hack

A chemical peel is an exfoliator with gentle acids such as AHA & BHA that effectively removes dead skin cells. In my experience it takes a bit longer for a chemical exfoliator to have an effect, but after a couple of weeks your skin starts to glow. (Note that I use very gentle acids, since I like to be kind to my skin). Experts say that AHA & BHA is good for acne prone skin. The acids clear your pores in a way face scrubs can’t, and clean pores reduces the risk for break-outs. (But as always, if you are concerned about acne speak to your dermatologist for advice).

Citrus exfoliation – the DIY beauty hack

For those DIY’s out there – I tried lemon juice as a natural chemical peel. It worked – overtime. Pure lemon juice irritated my skin, so next time I will mix it with something else (maybe honey) to reduce the acidity. Have you tried it?

You know your skin best, so choose the exfoliator you like and then aim to use it once per week, moisturise daily and get a good night’s sleep. It doesn’t have to be more complicated than that to get the glow.

Good luck!