Sustainable birthday parties – some ideas

Sustainable birthday parties – some ideas
March is birthday month for our family. My kids claim they have two birthdays – their home birthday (i.e. the actual birthday) and the birthday party. I’m not a fan of the birthday party day. All I see is a bacchanal in plastic – cups, plates, balloons, spoons, goodies bags & cheap gifts. WASTE.


I admit, I’m a guilty contributor. I’ve given random plastic toys to other kids, bought standard goodie bags filled with useless stuff. Why? Because, most days, I don’t have the time nor the energy to look for perfect gifts for other people’s kids. And when I’m the birthday host I have enough on my plate so the idea of hand crafted goodie bags are not on the agenda. I go for the easy solution. I reckon I’m not alone in doing this, and not just for birthday parties.

Most of us go for the easy, cheap option; plastic items that fill a purpose for a couple of hours and then end up in the bin.

We desperately need to change,

The plastic graveyards in the oceans are growing, at an alarming speed. MILLIONS of tonnes of plastic are washed out in the oceans each year. MILLIONS. TONNES. EACH YEAR. The main cause of destruction is cheap plastic items such as cutlery, glasses, straws & toys.


Here are some idea’s on how to make a more sustainable birthday for your child:

Gift pool. All the kids chip in and buy one solid gift, something that the birthday kid really wants. We used to do this in the UK and it worked perfectly. (Also you only had to worry about buying a gift for one party per year, so less work as well)

Check out you attic/ kids’ toys box. Yes, seriously. You probably have some untouched puzzle, unread books or lego lying around. Give that. You get rid of stuff from your house, you give a solid gift and you reduced your consumption of plastic stuff.

Don’t do goodie bags. Instead do crayons, color pencils etc. Imagine your child coming home from a party with a bag filled with useful crayons instead of psychedelic toys. What do you prefer? I’ll take the crayons every time.