An anti-ode to the straw

An anti-ode to the straw

I’m from Europe, and in Europe we don’t use straws that much. In hospitals, yes. For kids parties sometimes, in the pub – rarely. If you want a straw you need to ask for it, politely. (I actually would advise not to, Europeans’ enthusiasm for plastic has declined rapidly in the past few months and we all agree that we don’t want plastic items anymore. We prefer clean oceans)

Here in the US is different – the straw is the norm. If you want to enjoy your beverage without a straw, you need to ask, politely. Even if you do ask, this request is so unimaginable that most bartenders/waiters forget that you asked and bring you a couple of straws – just in case you need some extra.

EXTRA STRAWS? Why on earth would I need extra straws? I didn’t want any in the first place.

I don’t get it. Why this love of straws? Does it taste better? No. Is it better for you? No. Do you look cooler drinking with a straw? No

I see NO benefits with the straw.

Then there’s the annoying paper wrapping that you have to remove to even use the straw. Once you’ve freed your own straw you have to assist your children to free theirs. Then once you’re ready to take the first sip of your beverage, you hear:

”MOM, can you open this?” A child wants you to open 2 more straws (reasons unknown) of the straws you didn’t want in the first place.

The paper wrapping the ends up on the table like wet, thin caterpillars.

When the food arrives the waitress always asks – do you need anything for your burgers? Ketchup, mayonnaise, more straws?

MORE STRAWS? …FOR MY BURGER? Why, in the old gods & new gods name would I need more straws for my burger?

I answer politely. “Some ketchup please.”

The truth about the straw

Everyday over 500 million straws are consumed in America alone. 500 million – most of which ends up in our oceans. Straws are too lightweight to be recycled, so once they are produced they are here to stay. Remember last week? Last week there were 3,5 BILLION fewer straws in the US then today.

70% of seabirds and 30% of turtles have plastic in their stomach and if we keep this up the projections are there will be more plastic then fish in our oceans in 2050. 2050 -that’s within our and our children’s lifetime

Don’t use straws.