Formulator first, entrepreneur second

Formulator first, entrepreneur second

When I started NINNI my goal was to launch a new exciting beauty brand that offered personalized skin care. Well, the brand is launched and I am improving it day by day, from website tweaks to messaging & Insta posts. I enjoy all of it, however the more I work the more I also realize that my true calling is being a formulator and creating skin care.

What is a formulator anyway?

A formulator is the professional term of a chemist who creates and designs skin care products. By design I mean the chemical design, the formulation.

I am right now collaborating with others to develop new product concepts (can’t reveal anything more right now, NDAs are signed)

For me it’s a creative process, where raw materials are my colors & the lab ware my paintbrushes. When I design a product I take a holistic approach:

The formulation have to suit the purpose and have the desired effect on the skin, hair etc, (naturally). However there’s so much more to skin care than the functionality. There’s the texture, scent and to some extent ingredients.

Texture – some prefer a rich luxurious feel whilst others want a light airy feel to the product. You can achieve the same functionality with both textures, however the perception of the product is very different depending on the texture.

Scent –scent is very personal and it also gives the product it’s character. If you ask people to try the exact same formulation but different scents, they will usually have a very strong feeling on which of the products are better for the skin. Only based on the scent.

Ingredients, there are thousands and thousands of skin care ingredients to choose from and many are equally good for the skin. Therefore it’s usually a matter of preference, would you like a locally crafted safflower oil in your product or an exotic baobab oil? Both oils are amazing. It all depends on what suits the brand or person.

I could go on. Bottom line is, formulating and the creating of skin care is my core and always will be either if it is for my own brand or other collaborations.