How to protect your skin in cold weather

How to protect your skin in cold weather

Winter is coming – literally. It’s getting colder by the minute and tomorrow the temperature here in Chicago is expected to drop to -31 Celsius (I think that’s -24 Fahrenheit, but who knows, there is no logic to that system… Yes I’m Scandinavian). What happens to your skin in cold weather? Mine becomes dry and dull, which isn’t great if your job is creating and selling beauty products. However when the temperature drops this low vanity is not the reason I protect my skin – survival though – is.  This temperature calls for the hacks I learned in third grade when the temperature stayed below -30 (Celsius) for weeks and we still had to walk to school. (Snow days is not a thing in Sweden). Anyway, here’s goes:

Old school hacks to protect your skin in cold weather

  • Stay in doors as much as possible (goes without saying)
  • Protect your entire body, including your face, either with a ski mask. If you don’t have a ski mask use a warm scarf to cover your face (and your neck).  An keep it dry. Any moisture will turn into ice, so you will then be stuck with an ice mask rather than a protecting face mask.
  • Skip the morning shower and cleansing routine. (You can always shower after you’ve been outside. When you shower (or just wash your face) you will remove much of your skin’s oils, which is a natural protection against cold.
  • In cold weather I always put a good layer of Vaseline (shea butter works as well, in case you want to go green) on my hands and face before I go to bed, that will lock in all the moisture and get my skin ready for the frost.

To sum up I’d like to repeat the first hack. If there’s a polar vortex, stay indoors if you can.  -30 Celsius is seriously cold, (even for a Swede) and these hacks are no guarantee that frostbite won’t happen. If you suspect frostbite, get medical advice.

Stay warm!

PS. If you want to learn more no what happens to your skin in cold weather, here’s another post I wrote a few years ago.