How much water do you need to drink per day to stay hydrated?

How much water do you need to drink per day to stay hydrated?

A solid skin care routine relies on the basics. It’s not a coincident that the term self care is trending on Instagram right now.  You can buy as many serums, sheets masks and exfoliators as you want. They will not help you unless you practice self care by having basics, such as sleep and a healthy diet in place.  So before spending a fortune on a new enzyme cleanser, get your basics in order.

Keeping hydrated key for any skin care routine

Last week I talked about the impact of sleep. This week let’s talk about the importance of staying hydrated.  I’m not a doctor, but I do know that water is crucial for our bodies and our organs, including our skin. Dehydration will lead to dry & dull skin and in sever cases even sagging skin. So if you want the glow make sure you stay hydrated.

Your body knows best

However, to stay hydrated you probably don’t need to drink as much water as you think. Since the 80ies we have been made to believe that we need to sip water constantly, and if you don’t have at least 8 glasses of water per day there will be severe consequences. For me, the phrase “Stay hydrated! You need AT LEAST 8 glasses of water per day” has become just another  “must-do”, another thing to remember and feel guilty about. Well things are changing:

Apparently we don’t need to worry about it according to research.

6-8 glasses per day is sufficient, exactly how much you need to drink will depend on your individual needs and external factors such as the weather and how much exercise. (Too much water can also be damaging). It is also worth remembering is that we get water from fruits, veggies and other types of drinks. So pure water isn’t our only source of daily fluids.

Lagom amount of water

I’ve stopped worrying about exactly how much water I drink per day. I’ve decided that I need to drink a lagom amount of water (Lagom is a Swedish word, there is no direct translation for it, but it’s a neutral description of “just the right amount”). How do I know I’ve had lagom amount of water? I listen to my body, if I’m thirsty I have a glass of water, if I’ve been to the gym I re-hydrate, and… so far so good.  I’m hydrated without the guilt of not achieving yet another wellness goal that social media has set out for me.

How about you, are you having a lagom amount of water?