Beauty hacks for tight budgets

Beauty hacks for tight budgets

Did you know that you can often use less products than you might think with the same (or almost the same) results? January is often a month where we want to recover from the holiday spending spree and I’ve got some great beauty savings tips for all of you who are on a budget.

Firstly, I think the beauty industry often overcomplicate things, many times just to make you buy more products than you actually need; not good for your wallet nor the environment. You can often use products for more than it says on the label (at your own discretion)

Here are a few tips that can make your products go a bit further and get more bang for your buck.

Beauty savings

  1. Use your moisturizer for hair styling. Yes, you can do this, especially if you want a shiny, slicker look. If you just want some anti frizz only use a small drop or two.
  2. Dilute your foundation with a nourishing oil, such as rosehip or moringa oil. I think this is especially useful if you have a thick foundation, a drop of oil makes it lighter and easier to apply. (Not to mention that it gives a bit more glow)
  3. Use Vaseline (or lipbalm) on your eyelashes. This is great if you mascara has dried up or you forgot to take it with you.  Just be careful and avoid getting it in you eyes.
  4. Lipstick and cream rouge is almost the same thing and can substitute each other, if needed.
  5. The best exfoliator I’ve used can be made out of kitchen basics (See last week’s post)
  6. Shower gel and shampoo is nearly the same thing, so these are also interchange. A shower gel or body wash might not give you a silky hair, however it works in an emergency.

Happy beauty saving!