Telomeres, sugar & how they affect your ageing

Telomeres, sugar & how they affect your ageing

Before buying a collection of fancy skin care products you have to make sure you have the foundation in place. Your sleep, diet & lifestyle in general will affect your skin much more than any product will ever do. I have said this many times, and nothing makes it clearer than the link between your diet and your telomeres. Sugar might make the medicine go down, however in the long run it’s very damaging. We’ve all known that for years.

But did you know that sugar also accelerates your ageing process? The more sugar you eat the quicker you age.

What are telomeres?

Put it simply your DNA has an extra tail called telomeres. This “tail” is the body’s way of having a buffer just in case something goes wrong when a cell (and DNA) replicates itself. Each time a cell divides to replicate itself the telomere gets shorter.  When the telomere reaches a certain length the cell cannot replicate itself any longer. This means that the telomeres is a yardstick of your body’s biological age; the shorter the tail, the older you are.

How can I keep my telomeres?

Research show that sugar triggers reactions that shortens the telomeres and thus speeds up the ageing process.  One study shows that a daily consumption of 600 ml of soda will lead to an increase of 4,6 years in ageing. A serum will not stop that.  However, eating a healthy diet with loads of fruit & veg will; antioxidants and vitamins protect the telomeres and counterbalance the impact of sugar.

So before you spend 350 USD on the next miracle serum that promise youth on a DNA level – skip the doughnut and choose the carrot stick instead. It’s cheaper and most likely much more effective. Not to mention the other benefits a healthy diet brings.