The way you breathe could be your most effective skin care

The way you breathe could be your most effective skin care

Breathe in – breathe out, it’s fundamental to all of us. For weeks now I have highlighted the fact that for truly effective skin care you need to have the foundation right. Skin care products are great but if you don’t have the foundation set then they are useless.  It’s like building a house – there is no use buying expensive wallpaper and tiles if you don’t have the foundation and wall to put it on. I’ve talked about the importance of sleep, staying hydrated & maintaining a healthy diet.  Today I will focus the most fundamental part of your life – the way you breathe.

The way you breathe affects your entire body and being. If you are stressed or anxious deep breaths will calm you down, likewise short intense breathing will get your hear and nervous system going.

Breathe your way to great skin

So how is this linked to your skin?  Your skin will react on stress. High stress hormone levels in the body often lead to break outs. Insomnia or disturbed sleep is also common it you are stressed… and how much “Glow” do you have after a bad nights sleep?  Also if you’re stressed your muscles tense up, including your face muscle which can make lines more visible.  An effective and VERY affordable remedy for this is to simply breathe.

By breathing deeply your body calms down and produces less of the stress hormones, which can lead to cleared skin, your sleep will improve and your face muscle relax. Your skin will be glowing and look more youthful.

Breathe “8×3”

The first step is to be aware of how you breathe. If your breath short & shallow, slow it down by taking a few deep inhales and exhale slowly. Your will notice the effect within a few seconds.

Once you have the awareness of your breath, you can improve and control it. There are many different techniques you can use from calming to invigorating. My favorite is the triple-8 – inhale slowly counting to 8, than exhale slowly counting to 8 again, repeat for eight times.

Try it. It will only take a minute.