Natural SPA adventure in Iceland

Natural SPA adventure in Iceland

Iceland is a magical place with it’s harsh, colorful, rocky yet peaceful landscape filled. The country is full of contrasts – the air is cold, the earth is boiling and it’s either midnight sun or northen lights. For a natural spa lover like me it’s the perfect place to explore it’s boiling mud & sulfur waters.

The country is the most scarce populated country in Europe with it’s 340 000 people. Even if you only have a few days, it’s well worth a visit. The Golden Circle, a day excursion takes you to boiling pods, geysers, waterfalls and lava landscapes. But what I love most about Iceland is the opportunities for the perfect natural spa getaway.

The Blue Lagoon SPA

The most well known spa is the Blue Lagoon. It’s man made and contains 55% seawater & 35% fresh water.  The snow white silica mud, which is readily available in the lagoon, is claimed to act anti-aging & improve the skin barrier. There is a unique algae in the lagoon, which together with the silica give the beneficial properties.

It’s worth a trip, however be prepared for a crowd, especially during the summer months. Last time I was there it felt more like a public pool than a relaxing spa. Despite this, you will spend hours in the lagoon and sauna an do several silica mud facials. Afterwards you will be relaxed and you skin soft. It’s good to end the day with a good moisturiser to lock in all the benefits.

My Best SPA experience

Best natural spa experience I’ve had on Iceland was in the Thorsmörk Valley. There were no organized SPA, just a creek where boiling hot volcanic water  meets ice cold glacier wate.  The routine is simple – put on your bathing suit (despite the cold damp air), find a place in the creek with a good temperature, sit on rocks & relax.

My second favorite natural SPA is the Icelandic every day spa. The tap water on Iceland is boiling hot with a hint of sulfur.  Sulfur has anti-inflammatory & antibacterial properties, so the water is perfect if you have acne prone skin.  It also has a gentle peeling effect to the skin. The only downside is the scent, it’s not the most pleasant… this is probably why sulfur is not widely used in skin care product.

The every day natural SPA

Have you ever been on Iceland? How was your experience?