Introducing Rainbow Serums

Introducing Rainbow Serums

It’s PRIDE month and a perfect time to introduce my latest creation the Rainbow Serums.

The Rainbow Serums are 6 colorful multi functional face oils, all based on natural carrier oils and essential oils. Each oil represent one color of the rainbow and have different benefits for the skin. 

You can mix and match, depending on your skin daily mood or mix the oils with your moisturizer for an extra boost. You can also use the oils as hair oils. Each vial is 10 ml so it’s a perfect size for summer travels.

The idea behind the Rainbow Serums is to celebrate the variety of natural oils, both in color and function. Also I wanted to create a product that caters for your skins different needs; some days it might be dry some days oily depending on your mood and the environment you’re in. The Rainbow Serums offers a wide spectrum (pun intended) of skin benefits. Each individual oil has a gorgeous scent that mirrors the color of the oil, for example the Orange oil has a delicious scent of Neroli (orange blossom) and the Green oil has refreshing scent of citrus and bergamot that reminds you of freshly cut grass.

Check out the detailed benefits for each serum.