3 simple steps to prevent ageing skin

3 simple steps to prevent ageing skin

How do you prevent ageing? The truth is you can’t. However there are things you can do to delay the signs. Here are my top three.

Most important to prevent ageing is sunscreen

I cannot emphasis enough how important sunscreen is to prevent ageing skin.  Sunlight consists of different types of radiation, with different wavelengths.  Not all affect the skin, so I will focus on the most “skin relevant” ones – UVA & UVB.  UVB has a short wavelength and will only reach the top layers of you skin. Don’t be fooled it will do damage. UVB is the radiation that burns your skin and increases the risk of skin cancer. To protect your skin from UVB you need a high SPF factor, 30 or more.

UVA has a longer wavelength than UVB and penetrates deeper into the skin. It is the main cause of so called photoaging. In brief, the UVA breaks down the collagen (“scaffolding”) in your skin and prevents new collagen from being produced. This will eventually lead to wrinkles and sagging skin. Other signs of photoaging are dark spots and uneven skin tone. In recent years studies show that UVA also increases the risk of skin cancer.

So make sure that your sunblock also has a high star rating – which shows you how good the protection is for UVA light.

Face massage – 1 minute a day keeps ageing away

It doesn’t have to be complicated; 1-2 min per day can prevent aging. A face massage increases circulation, which helps bring oxygen to your skin – the better circulation – the better the glow.  Also face massage relaxes your muscles. As we grow older our face muscle tense up and our face gets “stuck” in certain facial expressions. This causes the classic lines on the forehead and between the eyes. If the muscles relax, the skin on top looks smoother & younger.

Hydration prevents ageing & dull skin

Moisturized skin looks younger and has more glow. To keep your skin moisturized you need both oil & natural moisturizing factors (NMF). Personally I prefer natural oils; right now I’m working with lighter vegetable oils such as cucumber and tomato seed oil. Other great oils are peach kernel oil, sunflower seed oil & jojoba oil. The oils provide the skin with essential fatty acids and locks in moisture.

NMF:s works as “water magnets”, ingredients that attracts moisture from the air and then keeps the hydration in the skin. Look for glycerin & hyaluronic acid in the ingredient list, which are highly effective moisturizing factors.

There are plenty of other ingredients that are proven to restore aging skin. I will deep dive into those in a future post.