How to simplify your skin care routine

How to simplify your skin care routine

You don’t need all your beauty products. There, I’ve said it. As a brand owner I might be shooting myself in the foot, still it’s the truth. Your can easily simplify your skin care routine, saving time and money without compromising glow.

There’s a difference between wanting a bathroom full of different serums and needing it. If you want it, if you enjoy a daily routine with serums, moisturisers and face masks. GO FOR IT, there’s nothing wrong with it. However the majority of women I talk to believe that they need all of the products – day cream, night cream, serum, face oil, cleanser, eye cream, exfoliator, face mask, sheet mask….. Do you? No. The list goes on.  No we don’t need. It’s a trick. 

Simplify your skin care routine in three steps

It’s possible to simplify your skin care routine and still maintain a hydrated & glowing skin. All you need is a moisturizer that suits your skin, a good cleanser and an exfoliator. That’s it.

What to look for in a moisturiser

The easiest way to simplify your skin care routine is to only have one moisturiser. So how do you find a good one? There’re a few things you need to consider. First how dry or oily is your skin. If you have dry skin, look for a richer  & protecting moisturizer with oils and natural moisturizing factors. If you skin is oily, choose a lighter base but still keep the NMF.

Personally I also like to have a few well-proven antioxidants (q10, vitamin E) and a few anti ageing ingredients (vitamin A & peptides).

If you have sensitive skin (this is independent of if you skin is dry and oily) always choose an unscented product.

Also your skin will change depending on climate. You might need a light moisturiser during hot & humid summer months and a richer one during winter.  Each of us reacts different to weather changes and in the end you are the one who knows your skin

How to choose a cleanser

How many different cleansers and face wash do you have? I’m sure there is plenty of opportunity to simplify your skin care routine by downsizing one in the cleaning department. You will be ok with only one cleanser. The key question is if you use make up or not. If you do use make up you need an oil based cream cleanser that can dissolve make up. If you don’t than a simple face wash will clean your face fuzz free.

“The extras” – the exfoliator

As for the bonus exfoliator there are either chemical exfoliators (based on acids such as AHA and BHA) or face scrubs containing micro beads (please use degradable ones) that mechanically removes dead skin cells. In my experience chemical exfoliators takes a bit longer (a few weeks) to see the effect, whilst a scrub gives you instant glow.

Try a simplified skin care routine for a month. Your skin will be fine and you will have more time and money to do other things.