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Posted on September 15 2016

Founder of Ninni with #nomakeup and personalised natural skin careAlicia Keys stopped wearing make up…and it’s global news. Part of me is astonished that it’s making headlines. A woman has stopped wearing makeup – and the sun still rises in the east and sets in the west. Yet, it’s a big statement. In her article on Lenny letters she explains she's tired of hiding who she is just to fit the norm of the ideal woman.

That’s a big thing and it’s not about the mascara’s be or not to be. It’s about breaking the norms of how a woman should be and start being yourself. If you one day want to wear a smoky eye and red lips to drop off, and the next day you “wake up flawless”; big deal, both options are fine.

For decades the beauty industry has been focused on correcting your flaws – cover your spots, plump your lips and straighten your hair (with the exception of the 80-ies when the perm was the thing). I think this is changing, at least I hope it is. Look at all the make up tutorials on youtube – the common denominators are creativity and fun. Not at all like the judging and moralizing articles I read as a teenager.

This goes for skin care as well. Skin care should be something you use to feel good, to pamper and treat yourself. If you have dry itchy skin a good moisturizer will help. If you have acne prone skin and don’t like spots then there are products that can assist. The purpose of beauty products shouldn’t be to correct anything;  it should be help you look your best. It’s only up to you to decide what “your best” is.



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